A Buyer’s Guide to Jeep Mirror Covers

One of the best reasons to own a Jeep is the opportunities for customization they provide. Jeep owners across the country enjoy making their vehicles stand out with aftermarket parts. As you work to build your ideal Jeep, don’t forget about mirror covers.

Mirror covers aren’t just for protecting your side mirrors from dirt and debris. They can also be a way for you to make your Jeep stand out.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Jeep’s mirror covers, you’ve come to the right place. This buyer’s guide will tell you everything you need to know about purchasing new mirror covers.

What is a Jeep mirror cover?

Jeep mirror covers are virtually identical to the mirror covers used by other kinds of vehicles. As the name suggests, mirror covers cover the exterior of your Jeep’s side mirrors. They’re typically made out of plastic, fabric, or vinyl and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why do you need a cover for your Jeep?

Even if you don’t care about customizing your mirror covers, they’re still an important investment for your Jeep. As you operate your Jeep, you’ll find yourself in countless scenarios where your side mirrors are at risk of sustaining damage. Preventing all of this damage from occurring can be difficult.

Mirror covers make this process easier for Jeep owners. They’ll protect your mirrors from scratches, dirt, chips, and other types of debris. They can extend the life of your side mirrors, protecting the investment that you’ve made in them.

Mirror covers can also boost your car’s nighttime visibility, making it safer to operate your Jeep in darkness. This is because many mirror covers have chrome finishes. When another driver’s headlights hit the chrome on your mirror covers, the light will reflect back to them. This makes it easier for other drivers to accurately determine how close your Jeep is.

Of course, your main motivation for buying mirror covers might just be to customize the look of your Jeep. That’s another valid reason for wanting to invest in covers. You’ll find no shortage of options to consider. Jeep owners can even find mirror covers that represent their favorite basketball or football team.

All of these reasons are enough on their own to make buying Jeep mirror covers worth it. They become even more compelling when you consider them all together. That’s why so many Jeep owners have started investing in aftermarket mirror covers.

Types of Jeep mirror covers

Jeep owners have a wide variety of mirror covers to choose from. Some offer greater protection at the expense of appearance or ease of installation. Others are incredibly easy to install but offer less protection than you may want. The specific covers that are right for you will vary based on your goals and preferences.

Here’s an overview of the types of Jeep mirror covers that you can choose from.

Stick-On Mirror Covers

Stick-on mirror covers are perhaps the most popular kind of cover. They claim this title because of their ease of installation. These covers typically come with heavy-duty 3M tape built right in. That makes installing the covers as easy as sticking them on top of your existing mirror covers.

That being said, stick-on mirror covers aren’t perfect. Jeep owners have had mixed experiences with keeping them stuck in place for long periods of time. You may have no issues whatsoever with stick-on mirrors. Or, you could find that you’re repeatedly having to restick them.

Clip-On Mirror Covers

The bulk of stock Jeep mirror covers are clip-on. Essentially, this means that the covers are attached to the mirror with a set of small clips. This is the kind of mirror cover that you should purchase if you’re just looking to replace what you already had. 

The majority of clip-on covers are primed or painted black so they’re easy to paint to match the shade of your Jeep. These offer a bit more security than stick-on mirror covers but can also be a little more challenging to install.

Mirror Bras or Vinyl Mirror Covers

Mirror bras feature elastic edges that enable them to hug the curve of your vehicle’s mirrors. They provide exceptional coverage and protection, working in a similar way to standard car bras. They’re also the most secure of the three types of mirror covers listed so far.

However, mirror bras are usually model specific. They need to be because their elastic edges need to be precise in order to function properly. This means that if you decide to go with a mirror bra, you’re probably going to need to special order it.

Plastic Mirror Covers

Plastic is, by far, the material that’s most commonly used for side mirror covers. The bulk of plastic mirror covers are of the clip-on variety. As you shop for mirror covers in this category, you should find both black plastic and primer-coated plastic options to choose from.

Fabric Mirror Covers

These are usually made out of spandex, polyester, or both. They’re most commonly found in mirror bras. These mirror covers have usually been UV-treated and water-proofed. This makes them a good fit for Jeep owners who plan to spend lots of time offroading.

Fabric mirror covers are also fairly easy to customize. Therefore, if you’re interested in mirror covers that represent your favorite team or feature a unique logo, then this could be the best option for you.

Chrome Finish or Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers

These mirror covers usually cost more than the other options listed here. However, they can add a unique look to your Jeep that you might find worth their increased price. You’ll find carbon fiber and chrome finish mirror covers available in both the clip-on and stick-on variety.

How to install a Jeep mirror cover

After you’ve decided on the kind of Jeep mirror cover you want and purchase it, the next step is installation. You’ll find that replacing an old mirror cover with a new one is a fairly straightforward process. 

However, the specifics of the process will vary based on the kind of mirror cover you purchase. This example will show how to install a new stick-on cover. To do so, you’ll just need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Rags
  • Automotive cleaner or rubbing alcohol

Once you’ve got everything you need, you’re ready to get started. Here’s a step-by-step guide showing how to install a new stick-on Jeep mirror cover.

  1. Clean the surface of the mirror cap. Use your automotive cleaner or rubbing alcohol to do this. The goal is to eliminate all traces of dirt, grime, and other kinds of debris before starting the installation process. Once finished, wipe the surface dry with rags.
  2. Perform a test fit by placing the mirror cover over the housing. This will alert you to any problem areas you need to address before attaching the cover.
  3. Peel off the cover’s adhesive strip if you’re happy with the test fit.
  4. Stick the cover over the housing. Once finished, tap a few times on the cover to ensure a snug fit.
  5. Remove air bubbles with your rags. Wipe them over the entire cover and apply even pressure everywhere. This should eliminate any remaining air bubbles.
  6. Remove fingerprints by wiping the covers with a clean rag.

Installing a new mirror cover on your Jeep is as easy as that. If you’ve decided to go with an alternative type of cover, be sure to review the installation instructions you receive to see if there are any differences you need to be aware of.

Which mirror cover should you get?

The mirror cover that’s right for you will vary based on your unique needs. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you need a replacement for your Jeep’s plastic mirror caps or if you want to add a protective cover that gives your vehicle a new look.

If you need to replace your Jeep’s mirror caps, then you’re going to want to get a direct-fit replacement part. If you’re looking for a cosmetic upgrade, then you’re essentially free to choose any type of mirror cover that looks good to you.

You’re also going to need to decide between mirror covers that are made of different materials and have different installation methods. This also comes down to personal preference. For example, you might prioritize a stick-on cover because they’re so easy to install. Or, maybe you want a mirror bra because of the durability and protection they offer.

Similarly, you may prefer a chrome or carbon fiber mirror cover if you’re looking to give your Jeep a unique look. Or, you might choose plastic if you’re looking for a standard cover that offers great value.

Only you can decide which type of mirror cover is right for your Jeep. Whatever you end up choosing, consider visiting the Inspired Engineering shop to purchase it. 

Inspired Engineering is a specialty shop for aftermarket Jeep parts. They have everything you need to make your vehicle stand out and function more effectively. Whether you need mirror covers, new mirrors, or custom-made LED lights, you’ll find what you’re looking for from Inspired Engineering.

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