Jeep enthusiasts across the country love to customize their Jeeps until they both look and function their best. An entire industry has blossomed to satisfy consumer demand for aftermarket Jeep products. However, Jeep owners tend to focus on some parts of their vehicles much more than others.

Often, parts like mirrors are left out entirely of the Jeep customization process. However, quality mirrors are an important part of making your vehicle look and drive optimally. If you’re interested in upgrading them, you’ve come to the right place.

Continue reading to get a closer look at why mirrors matter for your Jeep. You’ll also find a list of the top five Jeep mirrors for your vehicle.

Do Jeeps need to have side mirrors?

Most Jeep owners opt to keep their side mirrors on their vehicles. However, these mirrors are usually attached to the car’s doors. This means that when you take your doors off, your mirrors come off with them. This raises the question of whether it’s legal to drive without side mirrors.

The legality of driving without side mirrors is determined at a state level. Some states have explicitly stated that drivers must have side mirrors on any vehicle they operate. However, others are a bit more lenient. 

For example, the Alabama Vehicle Code only requires motor vehicles to have one mirror that allows the driver to see behind him or herself. This means if you own a Jeep in Alabama, your vehicle doesn’t need to have side mirrors on it.

If you’re unsure about the mirror laws in your state, be sure to check before driving your Jeep without them. This website is a resource you can use to easily figure out whether your Jeep needs to have side mirrors on it at all times.

Of course, there’s also the question of preference. You may want to have side mirrors on your Jeep at all times even if doing so isn’t mandated by your state. Equipping your Jeep with side mirrors gives you more visibility, which can make it easier to navigate tough terrain. Depending on the driver, this factor could outweigh the convenience of not having to keep side mirrors on a Jeep at all times.

Is it illegal to have no mirrors on a Jeep?

Because states are free to set their own mirror requirements, you may be wondering if your state would allow you to operate your Jeep with no mirrors at all. No states have chosen to give car owners this freedom. Instead, each state requires that all motor vehicles have at least one mirror in them.

Most Jeeps have at least a rearview mirror in them. There’s not usually a reason to take this out of the vehicle. That means that if you live in a state that requires only one mirror, you’re free to take the doors off of your Jeep and drive it without having to worry about getting a ticket.

If you live in a state that has more stringent requirements, then you may need to get a bit creative in order to drive your Jeep without doors. One option is to purchase a pair of side mirrors that mount elsewhere on your vehicle.

For example, companies like Inspired Engineering are making mirrors that mount to the frame or even roof rack of your vehicle. These aftermarket mirrors enable you to meet your legal obligations while still driving your Jeep the way you want. Products like these can even give your Jeep a unique look that makes it stand out.

Where can you buy Jeep mirrors?

Jeep mirrors are available for purchase from a variety of vendors. For example, major auto part retailers like Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone have plenty of options to choose from.

That being said, these companies tend to sell only factory replacement parts. They could be a good option for you if you’re simply looking for a replacement mirror.

However, most Jeep owners who are in the market for new mirrors want to move away from factory parts, not replace them with new ones. This is especially important if you’re interested in being able to drive your Jeep with its doors off without breaking any laws.

If you fit into this category of consumer, then shopping at a company that specializes in aftermarket Jeep parts could be a better option. These companies can offer you a wider selection of mirrors to choose from. They can also give you several different mounting placement options to consider.

One company that fits this description is Inspired Engineering. The company sells a wide variety of side mirrors for Jeep generations dating back almost 40 years. They could have just the mirrors that you’ve been searching for.

How to install/change out your Jeep Mirrors

After purchasing a new set of Jeep mirrors, your next step is installation. You could hire a professional to do this for you. However, changing out your Jeep mirrors is a relatively easy task that you should be able to accomplish on your own with the right guidance.

The specific instructions for installing Jeep mirrors may vary slightly based on a few key factors. Most importantly, the type of Jeep you have and the brand of mirrors you purchased will have an impact on your installation process.

That being said, you can probably swap out your Jeep’s mirrors in as little as 30 minutes. To do so, you’ll usually need a 3/8-inch ratchet and a T40 Torx bit or 13 mm sockets.

The replacement process starts by removing the bolts that have been securing the old mirrors to your doors. After that, slide the replacement mirror into position. Then, if the replacement mirror is mounted to the door, secure it into position with the same bolts that were holding the old mirror in place.

Changing out your old Jeep mirrors for new ones could be that simple. However, the process could get a bit more complicated if you plan on replacing factory mirrors with aftermarket parts -- especially if the new mirrors mount on a different part of your Jeep.

In these situations, make sure to follow the installation instructions you’ve received carefully. Alternatively, if you’re not confident with this kind of work, you may want to simply hire a professional for the job to ensure it gets completed in the right way.

The 5 best Jeep mirrors for your vehicle

  1. Quick Install Jeep Door Hinge Mirrors - EPOG Energy PTY Ltd

    This set of mirrors is the perfect option if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to upgrade from your vehicle’s factory side mirrors. They only take one nut to install and fit most Jeep Wrangler models. 

    The kit also comes with a brace bar that will dampen vibration. This, when combined with the mirrors’ durable powder-coated finish, makes for a pair of side mirrors that will last. All this is available for under $50 on Amazon.

  2. Rectangular Jeep Door Hinge Mirrors - Esright

    This set of side mirrors is built to fit all Jeep Wrangler JK and JL models from 2007 to 2020. They’ll attach to your Jeep’s door hinges. This means that you’ll be able to drive your Jeep with its doors off without having to worry about getting a ticket for not having the mirrors you need.

    Even better, these mirrors feature a streamlined design that reducing wind drag and noisy whistling. This makes them an excellent choice for any Jeep enthusiast who wants to enjoy off-roading adventures without having to fret about the legality of their vehicle.

  3. Quick Release Rectangular Mirrors - LIBERRWAY

    This is another pair of side mirrors that enable you to legally drive your Jeep without any doors. They mount directly to a bolt-on bracket, which is secured with a locking knob. This makes the mirrors super easy to remove whenever you need to. You won’t even need a drill to do it!

    Additionally, these mirrors include a free 2-year warranty. This means that if you do have any issues with the mirrors, you’ll be able to replace them at virtually no cost. With a guarantee like that, why wouldn’t you give them a chance?

  4. Quick Release Side Mirrors with Adjustable Arms - OxGord

    These mirrors are a good choice for their durability. They feature both adjustable arms and locking knobs to ensure they remain secured to your vehicle no matter where you drive it.

    Additionally, these mirrors are very easy to install. If you know what you’re doing, you could have the job finished in as little as 15 minutes. You’ll also get a 1-year-limited warranty with your purchase. This keeps you covered in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with the mirrors.

  5. Fast-Install Rectangular Door Hinge Mirrors - Mictuning

    These side mirrors offer an impressive 8.5-inch rectangular wide view. That means you’ll be able to see virtually anywhere you want after installing these. The mirrors are also incredibly easy to install and feature a design that’s both sturdy and rust resistant.

    Even better, these mirrors attach to your Jeep’s door hinges so you’ll be able to drive with your doors off without having to worry about tickets. All of these factors combine to make this pair of mirrors one that’s worth investing in.




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