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Light Worx 7" DOT HALO Headlights

Part Number: LWDOT

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LightWorx 7" Round headlights are designed from the ground up to give people what they want. A great looking light, which works far better than stock, at a very reasonable price.

While trying to find the perfect blend of form and function, Lightworx hit a home run. These lights are DOT approved so you will have no issues running these on the street. These are designed with an innovative Daytime running light which lights up the Halo around the light with a bright white color. They also change color to Amber, which is a great replacement for turn signals, to supplement them, or just to change the pace and look cool.

Light is utilized with the use of two projectors one for the low beam, and one for the high beam. This allows for a very crisp light cutoff, and takes full advantage of the light produced.

Light color is 6000k which is a fine white, and matches most OEM cars.

Completely plug and play for most H4 headlight cars/trucks, these lights fit a wide range of vehicles. Jeep TJ, CJ, and JK included.

Just choose your plug at checkout. JK uses H13. TJ, CJ and many others use H4

Anti Flicker harness for JK models is optional. This will stop any flickering resulting from the CANBUS system

These truly are the easiest and most complete kit on the market, all hardware and wiring taps needed are included in the kit!

These lights include a 2 year warranty against bulb failure, if added anti flicker harness includes a 90 day warranty.

  • 3800 Lumen High beam each light
  • 2900 Lumen Low beam each light
  • 48 watts
  • 10-30v operating voltage
  • 6000k color
  • Aluminum housing
  • Poly-carbonate lens
  • 40000 hour life span
  • IP-68 water resistant
  • Meets DOT standards 

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