CUBE Pair RED Series

Part Number: IE-44RSpecial

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The same advantages of our standard CUBE lights with a powder coated gloss RED face.

Included is 2 CUBE lights of your choice, wire harness or plug and play connectors, brackets painted and assembled, and all mounting hardware needed.
Our Legendary CUBE lights have just gotten better. Now with all new, updated and more efficient reflectors. We also changed to OSRAM as our LED supplier for the CUBE lights. These now draw the same power, but are much brighter. We are using the newest technology for the LEDs, so rest tight knowing that you have the newest and brightest technology.
These still work with our Plug and play option, and OEM JK replacement kit.
Spot is best used for offroading, and mounting higher on the vehicle. It is a long, thinner light spread.
Flood is best for street style driving or mounted lower on the vehicle, as it is a very wide spread but does not project as far.
If you have a 2007-2009 or if you have a 2010- Current then choose the corresponding plug type in the drop down menu If you want an individual switch, choose the standard D/T style type, and a wire harness will be included. By choosing the plug and play option, no wire harness is included.
  • 16W total power
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable Plexiglas Lens.
  • Strong cast Aluminum Housing
  • 60,000+ Hour Lifespan
  • Waterproof IP68 Certified
  • Water Resistant connector harness
  • No Vibration or Bouncing Beams
  • 100% Optically Clear Lens
  • No Warm Up - Instant On / Off, unlike HID
  • Versatile usage, from 4x4, Marine, ATV, and many others!
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Current draw 1.34A @ 12V, and .67A @24V
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V systems
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and bracket
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Light output: 1800 lumen