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RGB Rock Lights

Part Number: ie-rockrgb

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Much better value!

Now Including a Wire harness with switch and waterproof power box!

We are proud to introduce our all new RGB Rock lights, something which we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time.

What is RGB you ask? The three basic colors of light which you could create every color on the light spectrum. Red, Green and Blue.

These little things are powered by 3 Cree LEDs on each light and produce a huge amount of light from such a small package. Each LED is capable of switching color itself. This allows a much brighter and more consistent color than the competitors. Allowing each LED to reach full brightness.

The other lights in the industry use three LEDs also but one Red, one Blue, and one Green which uses them to create the color. This results in non of the LEDS ever being fully powered, and not optimizing the three LEDS, creating a less bright light.

This is how we create such a bright package while out doing the competition. Our light could also create "white" light, while others could just do Red, Green, or Blue, or a variation of those colors.

These are controlled by any Apple or Android device via a Bluetooth app on your phone.

Options include color choice, strobe, flash to music, photo color choice, and many others!

The brain could be connected to other units via the Bluetooth app, allowing you to add more lights as you choose.

These come in a set of 6, perfect to put one in each wheel well, and one below the rocker panels, wherever you choose.
Install is extremely easy as the harness comes ready to connect to an Spod or similar power distribution box. You can also upgrade to a wire harness.

Four lights have just over 10 feet of wire, while two include 15 feet, allowing you many mounting locations and options.
The lights mount with self tapping screws, or the supplied nuts and bolts, and include a rubber grommet to protect painted surfaces.
Wiring is simple and requires no electrical competency as the wires just tie in to the power distribution box which also acts as the brain.
Install Level: EASY
These are completely waterproof* and include a lifetime warranty as you would expect with all of our products.


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