Rock Light V2

Part Number: IE-ROCKv2

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 Much Anticipated and all new for 2017!

We have finally introduced our Rock Light Version 2. Designed from the ground up to be as good looking as possible while not sacrificing quality or brightness. These little things are bright. 

Each pod has 3 high powered LED lights to produce a huge amount of light. They are 100% sealed both front and back to be IP68 certified water proof. We used a poly-carbonate faceplate to prevent cracking and fading. These small lights should last thousands of hours.

Mounting these are incredibly easy, they come with a rubber mounting pad, which can be used on flat surfaces, or rounded surfaces like a roll cage, and each light includes two different length bolts depending on your mounting solution. 

This is considered a builders kit, so you are just receiving the lights, no wiring or harness. The lights come with about 2.5 feet of wire with no plug on the the end. This helps bring cost down while giving you more options for wiring or mounting. 

Unlike our RGB rock lights which have a installation difficulty level as EASY, these lights would be categorized as MODERATE-SKILLED. You would need to supply your own power source, switch, fuse/ relay. Purchasing our wire harness would make things easier.

Packaged in a set of 4.