Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just bought one of your lights, how do I know my warranty is intact?

A: Simple, whether you bought your product directly from us, or from a retailer, just register your products warranty with the link on our page. Make sure to include the serial number on the silver tag on your light!

Q: Are your lights street legal?

A: All of our lights are sold for off road use only unless otherwise stated. All Lightworx LED headlights are DOT approved and STREET LEGAL.

Q: Can my lights be mounted underwater?

A: Mounting your lights in an area where they are underwater permanently is a violation of the warranty. Our lights can withstand continuous submersion in water, but they are not designed to be permanently submerged.

Q: Do you guys give Military Discounts?

A: Yes we do, we offer 15% off for anyone who is in the military. It doesn't stop there, Police, and Firefighters also qualify!*

Q: Who manufactures the LED's on your light bars?

A: All of our LED Light bars utilize some of the best LED's on the market. We use brands such as Osram and CREE You can check the "Why choose us" section for more information on CREE and other LED's.

Q: Are custom lights possible?

A: Yes! Contact us as we have a wide array of options available. We can custom paint the housings to match your car, and even offer custom lenses. Prices do vary so please contact a sales representative.

Q: How do you ship your items, and what is the lead time?

A: For small packages we use USPS, and larger packages get sent out via FEDEX. If you need an alternative method, please contact a sales representative. All instock items will ship within 24-48 business hours of order placement. Some exeptions may apply.

Check our "Terms and conditions" page to find out more on our shipping methods.

*Some exclusions may apply