The LED Advantage

We at Inspired Engineering are proud to announce that all of our LED light bars, along with our signature “Cubes” are powered by either OSRAM of CREE LED’s. CREE is a market-leading innovator of semiconductor solutions, lighting-class LEDs, and LED lighting solutions. CREE is an American company, and all of our LEDs are American made. Cree LED’s produce more lumens per watt than many other LED manufacturers. When you look at many of our competitor’s product, you will notice that they are powered by Epistar or other Chinese LEDs. You will also notice that for the same wattage, and LED count, they produce less lumen than ours. Less Lumen = Weaker light output. Epistar is a Taiwanese company and the quality control does not compare to CREE. Cree LED’s do all of this while maintaining a smaller size, producing less heat, and give a more consistent color. Many companies choose to carry Epistar brand LED lights because on average the LED’s tend to cost half of CREE, but at Inspired Engineering we will not sacrifice quality for profit.

Here is some info on Osram. They are a German Company, and all of our OSRAM LEDs come directly from Germany. They have Been in the lighting business since 1906 and are currently the second largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductor for the illumination, sensing and visualization sectors. In layman terms they are the second largest LED manufacturer in the world. They are also the parent company of Sylvania which is known for being a huge O.E supplier, and most new cars coming from the factory with ELDS use Osram or Sylvaina products. You know when buying from us that you will get industry leading LED technology


All of our offroad LED lights are Ingress Protection-68 rated, more commonly abbreviated as IP-68. This means that our lights are "dust tight" and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water*, making our lights great for any application in any region. From a 4x4 application in the Middle East, all the way the Rain forests in South America, you won’t have to worry about our lights having a breach.

Our lights have a longer life span than normal bulbs. These lights are guaranteed to last 60,000 hours. Yes you read right, we didn’t add an extra zero. You do not have to worry about a bad ballast, or filament going bad. These lights don’t need dangerous high power amplifiers to produce strong light. This low amperage allows the lights to far surpass all of the other competitors.

Many competitor lights use a Glass lens. All of our lenses are made of Polyurethane, or Polycarbonate. These are very strong materials that are almost shatter resistant. In the rare case that they do get damaged, they will not leave dangerous little pieces that can injury wildlife or humans.


At Inspired Engineering we believe that certain things go well with one and other. You wouldn’t run a wheel without a tire, now would you? On that same note, we don’t think that it makes sense to buy an LED bar, with no wire harness. In an effort to advertise lower prices, many of our competitors do not include this, and pass the cost on to the consumer, YOU! All of our LED light bars come with a plug and play wire harness included at no extra cost!


We stand behind every product that we sell. If you have an, issue contact us and we will get it resolved. There are no hoops to jump through. All that you have to do is register your product!* If you have any questions regarding our warranty terms, please contact an Inspired Engineering Employee, or check out our Terms and Conditions section on our site.

Customer Service

At Inspired Engineering we believe that the key to a successful business is good customer service. Our goal is to be an industry leader in customer service, and we won’t stop until we reach that. Far too often in the automotive aftermarket industry do you find a company who does not care about the needs, or wants of the customer. Once the sale is made most companies care for the customer stops. We are willing to do what is necessary to make customer happy. We believe that a happy customer is the best advertisement. They will pass the word on. We don’t want to make customers, we want to make friends.

If you feel that our website is missing any products, or if you find some information that is incorrect, please contact an Inspired Engineering team member. We will get it taken care of!

*Please check the FAQ section for more information on these topics.

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