JEEP Wrangler JK CUBE 10A/Hardrock Fog Light Replacement Kit (2013-2018)

Part Number: IE-Jk10special-1

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This is the kit you are looking for if you want to replace your sorry factory fog lights on the Jeep JK Wrangler with the 10th anniversary Rubicon front bumper, with something way stronger. They also work on the 2014- Rubicon X Bumper.
Utilizing our well known CUBE lights, and marries them to our in house made JK fog light replacement brackets.
This is great for people who want to maintain the clean factory look, while still upgrading
their lights.
Included is 2 CUBE lights of your choice, wire harness or plug and play connectors, brackets painted and assembled, and all mounting hardware needed.
These still work with our Plug and play option, and OEM JK replacement kit.
Spot is best used for offroading, and mounting higher on the vehicle. It is a long, thinner light spread.
Flood is best for street style driving or mounted lower on the vehicle, as it is a very wide spread but does not project as far.
If you have a 2007-2009 then choose the 9145 type, and if you have a 2010- 2018 JK then choose the PSX style type. If you want an individual switch, choose the standard D/T style type, and a wire harness will be included. By choosing the plug and play option, no wire harness is included.