Toyota 4Runner CUBE Fog Light Replacement Kit

Part Number: ie-4runcube-1

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All new for 2018!

We have been working hard this year on a whole new product line for the Toyota 4 Runner! We are proud to offer a true plug and play fog light replacement kit for the 2014-Current Toyota 4Runner. No longer do you have to deal with those underpowered OEM lights.

This kit utilizes any of our venerable CUBE LED lights. The CUBE, 6CUBE and Prismatic Series CUBE lights are all compatible. We then created from scratch a set of brackets to make these lights work seamlessly with the factory bumper. Note: Does not work with the limited model. 

The CUBE lights look great in place of the anemic factory lights and the brackets are hand made right here in the USA. The brackets come finished in a textured matte black finish to look as factory as possible.

These lights are also 100% plug and play. When we say that, we mean just that. No wiring is needed. You simply remove your factory lights, bolt these in place of them, and plug these into your factory plug.

We offer the CUBE and 6CUBE lights in Flood and Spot.

  • Flood offers a wide spread of light in all directions, best for close range light spread and road use. 
  • Spot is commonly known as a pencil beam and offers a thinner beam a much further distance. Best used for offroad use when you need light further down the trail.
  • The Prismatic Series CUBE light is only offered in a driving beam. 

If you choose the Prismatic Series light and would like to utilize the RGB features of the light you will need to purchase the RGB control box as seen here

Full Specs available here. CUBE, 6CUBE. Prismatic Series CUBE

These lights are not DOT approved so they are for offroad use only.